Oct 31, 2006


A friend has begun to compile a book of brand new haikus. And some of them are rather spiffy. A lot of them however seem to imagine that poetry is the art of organises sentances into lines (in this particular case, organising 14 syllable long sentances into 3 neatly symetrical lines). Alack, if only it were that easy. Where are the turns, the rythms the images conjured in minutae, the 'aspirations to the condition of music'...? As I said though, some a really rather super and below are my favourites thus far.

yellow highlighter.
we used to work together,
before you dried up.

the first cautious move
my skin brushing past your skin
now we're holding hands.

Gravel under tires,
Especially when it wakes you,
Is a friendly sound.

Halloween’s coming.
I used to buy a costume.
Now I go as me.

The half of me that
Sis 'no more' is eatin aw
Ma 'nae-mair' awa.

Four paws, two grey ears
Woke, ate, chased butterfly, slept
I am a kitten

It rains on the old,
The ones left with George Crosses,

I particularly like the last one by a super young chap who was winning captain on University Challenge last night. One of my contributions is hidden in there as well. Any contributions from the floor...?

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