Feb 22, 2007


For those with an interest in my unconscious, a series of dreams that I have tentatively titled 'Andy re-imagines average films' continued last night with a new version of The China Syndrome, a film I saw the end of over four years ago and had to find the title of this morning by wikipedia-ing the films of Jack Lemon.

In all honesty despite the title I have given this series of dreams, The China Syndrome a rather spiffy film about a possible meltdown in an American nuclear plant, and amazingly the Three Mile Island scare occured only 12 days after the film was released. You just can't buy that kind of publicity. As for my version of this late 70s political thriller, it was reasonably faithful to the original, with Jack Lemon taking a leading role, though for some reason my unconscious saw it as necessary to tag on a rather gruitous and unpleasant revenge sequence at the end - pandering to the teenage market no doubt.

This particular series of dreams was instigated about about a fortnight ago by my utterly prosaic recreation of the underwhelming mid-nineties sequel The Mighty Ducks 2.

Although I do find it somewhat alarming that my sleeping brain seems to have turned into Channel 5 I am nonetheless intruiged. Clearly our generation, or maybe just me, spend so long watching films, television, theatre etc that we've unconsciously become observers even in our own imagination. Either that or revolution is trying to warn me of an impending Nuclear catastrophe when a stray duck flies into the reactor at the Sizewell B.

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