Apr 7, 2007

Prince of Thieves, King of Kings...

Regular readers may or may not know that I am irony-free, heart-on-my-sleeve fan of California's sad eyed prophet-auteur Kevin Michael Costner.

With this in mind I have decided to direct you all to the (admittedly tightly focused) If I Blog It They Will Come - a website set up entirely for the purpose of pursuading Hollywood's last cowboy to a) read the blog b) send in a photo of himself reading said blog. With typically Costner-ian valour they continue to send messages out into the dark, hoping Kevin (or anyone) is reading them on the other end.

And in this spirit, I have decided to set my own Costner-related challenge. If anyone has the strength of character (or the time on the hands) to read this desperately self-indulgent post and post anything in the comments - I will honour them with an even more self-indulgent offering - A grand sweeping essay outlining in detail the importance, and indeed the brilliance, of mr Costner and his oeuvre.

As you can tell. It's Easter Holiday weekend, and I'm feeling in a silly mood.

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Miss Pearson said...

You're untouchable, Fieldsage.