Jun 1, 2007

A Call to Arms (or at least Kent)

Dear Reader,

You may or may not be aware that for the last year or so I have been completing a postgraduate course at RADA and King's College, London. For the final part of this programme a friend of mine and myself are creating a site-specifc event in the middle of the Kent countryside.

The small audience will told only to meet at a Victoria station at a given time and then will be whisked out of London and down to a remote railway station near the wonderful, beautiful village of Shoreham, wandering through the village and the surrounding countryside before it all ends in a glorious party at the village hall and the pub opposite. On the route they will encounter various things - scenes, stories, instalations. Echoes of our past, the village's past, reminders of their own walks in the country all within the frame of a Hitchcock meets Agatha Christie-esque romp.

We have been working for the last few months on research and developing links with the village - to the Historical society, the Village players etc. and planning our routes, writing our content and getting the logistics sorted.

All this has been going well but now what we need are volunteer PERFORMERS. And this, my wonderful friends, is where you come in.

Anyone (and I mean anyone... the nature of the show means you can be doing anything from delivering the odd monologue, improvising with the audience to just sitting in a field and having a free drink on us at the end) who is free on SUNDAY 22nd JULY we'd love for you to be involved. We'll pay return train fair to Shoreham - it's only 45minutes each way. It won't require any commitment beyond the Sunday itself and possibly the day before or a couple of hours in the week for preparation.

It's going to be a joyous little celebration of theatre and the countryside - a day trip about day tripping - plus a chance for a bit of a party at the end. So anyone that would like to be involved (in any capacity) please leave me a note in the comments or email me [Andy AT Auroranova DOT org]. Please also if you know anyone else (actors, non-actors, mistresses, cousins) who you think might enjoy a day in the countryside and a bit of performing do spread the word and tell them to get in touch.

Also if anyone is interested but can't make it please let me know and I'd be happy to tell you some more about what we're doing.


Andrew (a West End Whinger) said...

count us in!

Andrew Field said...

That is absolutely the spirit!

Will let you know what is happening soon...

David Reid said...

Hi Andrew I'd be happy to take part. I'm a friend of Andrew - West End Whinger. You can contact me through Andrew Rodgers. I can even wax my moustache a la Hercule Poirot if required by the story and if done tastefully.

Best David Reid