Jul 18, 2007

I may be gone some time...

Unfortunately as you may have noticed real life has become all too real in the last couple of weeks and I have been totally run off my feet, hence my extended leave of absence from our rather cosy imaginary village of about 17 theatre bloggers. But to tide you over till the end of this week (when I expect the ticker tape to be out to welcome me back...) check out my review of Bicycle at The Camden People's Theatre which is now up on the Culture Wars website.
Like The Wizard of Oz, Bicycle is a mythical journey in search of home, upon which the hero encounters a series of strange and wonderful characters before the whole thing ends up back where it started. However, unlike the Technicolor jollity and the safe return to Kansas of the American fable, Master Oh’s beautifully crafted play is haunted by mutilation, disease, death, war, hunger and genocide; what director Min-Jae Kang refers to as a unique feeling of sorrow and regret that sits at the heart of the Korean condition.
Its a lovely little piece and definitely worth a trip up to Euston Road.

Back soon, I promise.

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