Sep 24, 2007

Your Ex-Lover is Dead

A message for all you folks North of the Border, (or adventurous travellers).

I am directing a delightful little play at The Arches Live festival in Glasgow Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The latest in a much under-represented market of plays with titles from melancholy Canadian Indie songs, Your Ex-Lover is Dead is a playful but (hopefully) touching show about trying (and invariably failing) to make up for lost time. It's written by a good friend of mine, a wonderfully talented young Canadian writer called Deborah Pearson.

If you're free (and, of course, actually in Scotland) it would be great to see you - I might even buy you a drink in The Arches' swanky bar. Do drop me an email to andy[dot]t[dot]field[at]gmail[dot]com if you want any more details.


Statler said...

I'd spotted your involvement with this when the Arches Live brochure came out, but unfortunately we'd already booked to see a show in Edinburgh on Wednesday, and as we are heading down to London on Friday morning (to see 'Elling') things will be prety hectic on Thursday night. I'm still hoping to see it, along with Kirstin McLean's 'Open Grave', but it will be a last minute thing if time permits and tickets are still available. Hope it goes well.

Statler said...

Well, we managed to make it along on Thursday night. Congratulations on a magnificent show with style, energy, humour and substance. Wonderful stuff.

Full review now posted at View From The Stalls