Jan 7, 2008

Glasses (Half-Full/Half-Empty)

Well, the year is nary a week old and already I've been accused of harbouring a world weary cynicism (he says, while sinking back into a rich upholstered chair and taking pointed drags on a decaying Gauloises). So attempting to recapture the twinkling hopefulness of my ailing youth, I've written a relentlessly upbeat article for the Guardian, praising the Brave New World of the internet.
Through this burgeoning little network of writers and theatre makers, people can start to find the shows, the companies and the performers they might otherwise have missed; secrets that might have remained the domain of those shadowy people referred to as "in the know". People can be connected with those tiny, wonderful experiences that make theatre a place of magical possibilities.
I also recommend a few things that I'm looking forward to in the next month or so, from Rotozoza to the mighty Chris Goode (he of the most sparkling music reviews you can possibly imagine). But now, dear reader, I'm calling on you to prove me right - what can you recommend that I should see in the coming months? I'm handing my (purely metaphorical as I'm utterly incapable of maintaining one) diary to you and asking you to scribble all over it. So please, do your worst.


George Hunka said...

Don't miss Rotozaza. I caught Five in the Morning at PS122 last April and it's a wonderful evening.

By the way, in advance of their London show, they're collaborating with The Foundry Theatre for a project called "Etiquette," at the Public's UTR festival. More here:


Andrew Field said...

Thanks George,

In return I'd recommend you catch Etiquette - it was at Aurora Nova this summer in Edinburgh while I was working there. It was one of my absolutely highlights of last year.

I'm a big fan of Ant/Silvia - brilliant, engaging theatre and lovely, lovely people. Sickening.