Mar 18, 2007

Attempts on Her Life (part II)

David Eldridge had some wonderfully kind things to say about my notes on Attempts on Her Life.

In his post I can feel the same excitement that myself and my friend Polly had as we came tumbling out of the National - the sense that we had just seen something joyously, bravely new and utterly necessary. The end of David's post is worth quoting in full because there's little else that I could add to it.
The conservatives will mewl and puke as they once did at 'Waiting for Godot' and turn away from the NT in droves. But their places in £10 seats will be filled a hundred times over by the young professionals that laugh at the inanities of modern TV advertising, that fly to the cities of Eastern Europe for stag and hen weekends and pay to fire Ak-47's on former Warsaw Pact army bases, nodding to MP3 players to the strains of Franz Ferdinand's 'The Dark of the Matinee' on budget airlines as they pass the time with 'Hello' and 'GQ' and the rest.

And this generation will revel as their decadence is both celebrated and skewered in equal measure. They will marvel as they spill out on to the South Bank that they've seen at last a piece of theatre that neither lectures nor patronises but simply has the measure of them and is able to treat them with both the wit and contempt they know they deserve.

The word is out. This production of 'Attempts on her Life' is a major event in our theatre.
I'll be going again as soon as I get the chance...

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