Mar 15, 2007

Update on me

Crushing news the other day that because of the price of bringing some spiffy Russian company over to perform we will not be making the cut for The Arches April festival. Probably only fair really as one 10 minute scratch does not a succesful theatre company make and we now have (in theory at least) a few more months to get the piece (now tentatively titled Your Ex-Lover is Dead) a good as it can be for September when we shall hit Glasgow like a introspective, faintly whimsical brick to the the face.

Problem at the moment is that what 2 months ago was an achingly important subject for myself and Debbie (my collaborateur (I like to think I've just made this word up - someone dash my vocabularial hopes and tell me otherwise) on the project) - that is, the false hopes and crushing truth of making real your longed-for reunion with a rose-tinted ex-partner - has faded like the cover of a book you once thought it was utterly impressive to have planted on your bedside table but now look at with a kind tepid embarassment. This distance will now doubt lead to a piece that is slightly less endearingly earnest but possibly a little bit (c)older and a little bit wiser, though (fingers crossed) without losing what made it so warm-heartedly appealing in the first place.

Rest assured once the next month is out the way and I have buried the agonising piece about Bergman/Fassbinder that I am academically obliged to be a part of we can begin in earnest.

In other news - a couple of shows that I am desperately looking forward to in our nation's glorious capital. First Dublin By Lamplight at the Riverside Studios - saw this show in Edinburgh a couple of years ago, a magical and sumptuously beautiful journey through one night in Dublin. Secondly, Grand Finale which I honestly know very little about but that sounds tantalising. Plus, having moved to London but a few months previously I have yet to explore the much-talked about Shunt Caves. Will it live up to the hype? Will it be no different from the various stoney, underground places I used to trawl people around in Edinburgh that assume that damp and darkness equates to atmosphere? Stay tuned to find out, folks....

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