Aug 10, 2007


My post on our glorious day out in the country is now available to have a read of here for those who are interested.

For those who aren't... well, don't read it.

In other news, I keep finding myself in semi-aborted standing ovations. One person rises. And another. And another. I feel it coming. Rising up from the pit of my stomach and lifting me to my feet, clapping uproariously and shaking my head in sage admiration. And then it peters out. Should I stand with the tiny few? Does the show really deserve it or am I succumbing to the euphoria of the mob? These are anxious days. The answer is of course to stop watching really good shows. Either watching incredible ones, or the shatteringly mediocre. 5 stars to the first person who figures out which is more readily accessible in Edinburgh.

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Statler said...

Standing ovations are a bit of an issue for me, and I'm glad to see I'm not alone.
For me a standing ovation shouldn't be a matter of choice - it should be when you just cannot keep yourself in your seat. "Black Watch" had me close to standing, and many around were, and at the Fringe this year "Emergence-See" had three quarters of the audience on their feet the night we attended, but I still remained sitting. I'm really not quite sure what it will take to get me out of my seat, but I've not seen it yet.