Aug 25, 2007


Lyn Gardner has written a lovely article mentioning my show, Exposures, here:
Exposure was a brilliant and simple idea, giving participants a disposable camera and inviting them to go out into the city and take 24 exposures each on a different theme. Exposure One asked you to take a picture of the place you would go if you wanted to tell someone you loved them; exposure nine asked you to snap the future; while Exposure 16 asked you to find the place where you would start an uprising and Exposure 22 demanded you find someone you could fall in love with. The trick of the piece is that it can be done quite alone or in groups; it transforms the entire city into one vast film set and makes you engage and look at the city and the people on the streets with entirely new eyes.
As Lyn mentions I am hoping to go on and develop the show further, and rest assured you will be the first people to know if and when it happens.

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The West End Whingers said...

Harrumph. Any reason we weren't asked to be in this show?