Jun 18, 2008

The Last Walk of Carlow Man: Audio Tracks

Here are the audio tracks for The Last Walk of Carlow Man, a show I created for the Carlow Arts festival in Southern Ireland:
Here I slept while over me time rumbled on
John Tyndall's Blue Sky
I don't need no cryogenics
We're going to write this town like a book
As I explained in the earlier post, each audience member would have all four of these tracks on an MP3 player, which would then (unbeknown to them) be electronically shuffled to produce an entirely different order for each person.

They would then all walk together through the streets of the town, possibly catching glimpses of the figure they were listening to, traces of him left across the city. As they went they would make their own connections between what they were hearing and what they were seeing, writing their own relationship between the two, constructing their own history.

At the end of the show the audience gathered at a hill in the centre of the town, where there was a small wrapped present that they opened to reveal a tiny figure made of mud in a glass jar and a note that said:

So this is it. This is me. This is all that's left of me.

Carefully show this jar to everyone, then shake it up and scatter the remains back into the ground. Back into Carlow.

And that is the End.

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