Jun 6, 2008

"They haven't put a plaque up yet, but they will do"

[From The Last Walk of Carlow Man, at Eigse next week, if anyone happens to find themselves in Southern Ireland. I'll explain more about the ideas behind it once the whole thing is done - but for now take a read of this and this and this]

Look around you
Here it was
On this spot
Here it happened
Right here
Here’s where it went down
Here’s where we they did the deed
Here’s where the west was won
Oh yes
This is it
Or was it over there?
No it was here
This is definitely the place
Down here’s where they hid the body
And here’s where he told her he loved her
Here’s where they said goodbye
Here’s where it first began
That’s where it finally ended
Here’s where they built that fucking awful statue
Here’s where they built that fort that burnt down
Here’s where there was a lake
And the town they named after a lake
Here’s where he found out
Here’s where they chained him up
Here’s where they strung him up and 20, 000 watched them
Here’s where they ran to
Here it is
Here’s where the war started
Over there’s where the peace was signed
In that corner the saviour was born
Down that street the massacre happened
In that alleyway he was conceived on a dark night but they were just kids and they didn’t know any better
That street there ran with blood for two days
Ran with blood
Rivers of it
And Here’s where the fire started
Here’s where the soldiers hid
Here’s where the prisoners hid
Here’s where the children hid
Here’s where there be monsters
Here’s where I dropped my hat
Here’s where they stole my hat
Here’s where I spilt my drink
Over there’s where I realised I’d left something at home and would have to go back and get it even though I didn’t have time
Here’s where I killed him
Here’s where I saved her
Here is definitely where it happened
This is definitely the place

They haven’t put a plaque up yet
But they will do
They will do

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