Nov 19, 2005

Guess Who?

A brief game of Guess Who?
[Tony Blair and his colleagues] take decisions based on market research or focus groups or the papers produced by political advisers or civil servants, none of whom will have ever experienced what it is they are taking decisions about.
Him maybe, or him? Maybe even them?

I'll go on, shall I?
After my speech the president detached himself from the group of appalling old waxworks who accompanied him and took his place at the lectern. He then gave a kind of 'propaganda' speech which was loudly cheered by the bussed-in party faithful at the suitable moment in the text.
Any ideas?

Ok. Time's up.

A Gold Star (or maybe an MBE) for anyone who guessed him. (via. here)

Anyone want to join me in the campaign for

We'll make something useful out of this archaic chattel of a family yet.

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Ithika said...

That is awesome. It almost makes up for all the stupid stuff he says.

Oh, wait. Take that back.